David (dhopper16) wrote in red_ninjas_clan,


First off, this entry is completly off subject from the clan, I just wanted to post somewhere where I know my good friends can read and support me. With that, Ill begin...

So ive decided to quit dipping(for courtney-dipping is smokeless tobacco which you put in your mouth instead of smoking). Nate, we talked about this when you were over this last weekend, I decided that Ill cut back on my usage. I.E. from 4 a day to 3 a day, and so on and so forth. But every time I go to put that dip in my mouth, the voice in my head keeps popping up and saying dont do that. But I cant help it really, force of habit, better taste then the fake stuff, and just addiction. I guess my question to you guys is how to go the best way about quiting...1)Cutting back(when I really think about it, I dont dip that much in the first place, well compared to a can-a-day dipper) 2)mixing my tobacco brand with the fake stuff(4:1 ratio, then 3:2 ratio, and so on and so forth) or 3) Cold Turkey, if option 3 is the case, Im going to need hella lot support from you guys and more. Im asking for yalls advice, not what to do, I realize that I have to be the one thats gonna quit for me, not anyone else.
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