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red_ninjas_clan's Journal

the clan of the red ninja
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Ok, so this is a new(old) community, recently revitalized for the sake of spreading the terror and occasionally love of my evil ninja clan. Mostly we spout Bull-jive, such as our infamous battle cry "suck my sandwich". But we also are here to bring more faithful ninja's to our cause.
What is our cause? Well... besides spreading the wisdom of ninjutsu, we are completed dedicated to the ideals of fun and flipping out and kicking ass at a moments notice.

Ninja clan... on lj? has this been done before? Yes... Unfortunately. But in order to truely honor the ninja way, we must make more clans. Ultimately just to war with each other. Are we assasins? warriors of the night? Snatchers and thieves of things that most likely don't belong to us? yes... yes we are. We are downright evil bastards in our own right, but were humurous about it.

What do we expect of future members of our clan? Expectations are low and high at the same time.

First: you must fashion a ninja mask and post a picture of you in it, colors not allowed to be used are red, and white, as these are the colors of the clan heads, lethal red, and white lotus. The color black is reserved for our highest of assasin ninjas, so black is a color earned. Any other color is allowed.
Second: If you are not a member, you must wait for clan approval.
Third: every post made by a member must include the war cry "suck my sandwich" in the title.
Fourth: non-member posts are limited to one post, which must include "my sandwich sucks" in the entry title. If you post more than one entry without approval, you shall be ommited from the clan potentials.
Fifth: Ninja member posts require much thought. We dont want to hear how boring your life is, or about your emo depression..these are not ninja things... Ninjas want to laugh or kill. Make us laugh or die.

Application for ninjadom:
how hairy is your ass:
Post picture of you here in fashioned ninja mask:

(if you dont know html coding then you are not a worthy
ninja applicant..comeback when you have learned how)

you have eight lines to make a ninja rap, GO!:
what is your chosen animal spirit?
6.frozen hotdog
8.delta burke

submit the following information for post approval..one post allowed for non-members..await approval or suck my sandwich.