David (dhopper16) wrote in red_ninjas_clan,

10 ways to tell if your a ninja, Suck my sandwich yo

1)run around outside in black pajamas and slippers waving a stick around while yelling Suck my Sandwich!
2)cling to walls and pretend that the other people cant see you
3)judo chop your little brother in front of your moms social worker
4)do cool and ridiculous poses everytime you get into a fight
5)do Mr. T impressions around all your friends
6)be fluent in the ways of Ti-Chi and still lose a fight
7)Steal at least 20 sandwiches from the lunch lady without getting caught
8)bitch slap anyone who thinks that your a poser
9)sing along to ICP and Dark Lotus
10)Make your own ninja movie. Props to lethal red and me. Come on White Lotus, wheres your ninja movie at yo¿
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